Why did we start our own remodeling business? We wanted to not only work for ourselves, but we wanted to be the reason someone smiled today. Or the reason someone got excited to go home to see their transformed space. Or the pride someone had when they invited someone over for dinner and showcased their finished project.


We have both always had an eye for design, detail and handmade work. In fact, we have always done all of our projects ourselves. We loved putting the vision in our heads into something we could touch, see and truly captivate and enjoy. We knew we both had talents that we could share with the community and being able to put them together and create magical transformations for people is something we truly feel blessed.


We were both born and raised in Washington State. Where the rain never ends, the trees flourish and the coffee brews. We lived there until 2009, when the recession hit the nation. At that time, we knew we needed to make a change for our family. It was too difficult to make ends meet in those parts and we decided to move to somewhere with a promising economy and future.


That is what led us to the Midwest. We lived in Dickinson, ND for a few years. We moved to join onto the oilfield. Everyone talked about the plentiful jobs and low cost of living. We found they were right, but the cost of living raised so much in such a short amount of time. We were wanting something more established in a community and long-term. That is how we found Fargo/Moorhead. We love this town as it reminds us of home. It has a Seattle vibe downtown and the people are so friendly. We have lived here since 2013, purchased our first home and decided this is where we are planting our roots. Even though the winters are cold (sometimes unbearable) we wouldn't see any other place as home.


We are proud to be part of the "Uffda" nation.



106 5th St. S.

Moorhead, MN 56560


(701) 318-3977

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